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Carrier Wholesale

Carrier Services

Atlantic Communications offer a complete selection of wholesale and retail services for carriers and enterprises. Whether you’re launching a new VoIP company or looking to reduce the costs of your existing telecom services, you won’t find a more complete and competitively priced product suite.

Our industry standard wholesale voice solutions include IP termination and origination with offerings such as DIDs, phone number porting and free phone numbers. We are also one of the few wholesale providers to offer SMS-enabled non-mobile phone numbers coupled with service delivery to address needs of businesses looking to SMS-enable their applications and customer communications.

Service Levels

Atlantic Communications offers a range of voice termination service levels that provide you with an optimal choice between quality and price over any route.

Proven Expertise

With our global scale and immense industry knowledge, you will benefit from our resillience, infrastructure and systems to support wholesale voice.

Market Leading Rates

We provide market leading rates at optimal quality for thousands of destinations globally. Our buying power provides rates and capacity on all the routes that you need.

Competitive Pricing

We deliver quality minutes at competitive prices. Also, our rates are updated weekly, giving you a huge choice of the best and most up to date rates in the market.

Wholesale VoIP Solution

Our Service Delivery Platform is a managed wholesale VoIP enablement platform for service providers. It is ideal for Carriers, Entrepreneurs or any VoIP service provider who demands state of the art functionality, unsurpassed reliability, unmatched scalability and world class, VoIP optimised network infrastructure.

Short Call Termination

Our short call service is geared towards outbound call centres, resellers and agents that cater to call centre traffic. Customers that have their own switches can purchase our SIP Trunks with the desired number of concurrent calls and simply sign a wholesale agreement to get started. Pricing options include a simple flat rate per minute and or fully managed service, which offers a variety of competitive rates.